Artificial Intelligence and Defense

Artificial Intelligence and Defense The words “Artificial Intelligence,” alongside terms such as “Machine Learning,” invoke both fear and wonder when applied to the world of

Security Industry Trends in 2019

Loaded with insights from security industry news, influencers, infographics and major takeaways from 2018, TrackTik’s eMag, Convergence is your essential reading material this year. A bonus? It also predicts security trends in 2019.

Online Shopping Fraud

Join us as the Interfor team covers what to guard against online this holiday season and follow these simple online shopping fraud prevention tips.

Responsible Use of Tech and Social Media

Much has already been written about the way in which technology—and, in particular, social media—has been cynically exploited by populist leaders as a means of propagating their political messages free from media interference, fabricating ‘fake news’, and reinforcing their followers’ echo chambers.

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