Interfor International - COVID-19 Daily Update - May 12

Interfor International – COVID-19 Daily Update – May 12

Interfor’s Critical COVID-19 Updates – May 12, 2020

Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 4,282,336 (1,386,514 in United States)

Total Deaths: 288,083 (81,852 in United States) 

Total Recovered: 1,541,342


United States

  • The federal government will give states $11 billion to help governors meet testing goals. The money will be allocated based on the burden of COVID-19 and state population and is contingent upon having plans in place to test “vulnerable communities.”
  • Staffers in the West Wing are now required to wear a mask at the White House, except when at their desks.
  • Washington, DC’s Mayor Bower unveiled a temporary medical facility to provide hospitals with additional capacity during the coronavirus pandemic. The facility holds 437 beds and is ready to accept 100 patients this week.
  • Iowa governor Kim Reynolds said she will follow a modified quarantine protocol for coronavirus after concern of possible exposure at the White House.
  • Massachusetts announced a four-phase plan to reopen the state’s economy, to begin around May 18.
  • Michigan announced that 12,208 state prisoners have tested positive for COVID-19. The state is now offering parole at what the governor expects to be a record pace.
  • Elon Musk is to open a Tesla plant in the Bay Area of California despite local lockdown mandates.
  • New York announced a requirement for hospital patients to test negative for coronavirus before they can be discharged to nursing homes, reversing a criticized state policy that required long-term care facilities to accept recovering patients who may still test positive for COVID-19.


  • Russia’s president Putin has ended the nationwide stay-at-home order despite a rise in cases. Putin’s order effectively transfers responsibility for continuing restrictions from the federal government to regional leaders.  
  • France has extended its state of emergency until July 10, a day after lockdowns began lifting across the country. Meanwhile, the Paris metro system will now fine commuters who do not wear face masks and will require certificates from employers explaining why a person is traveling during rush hour.
  • Wuhan, China is drawing up plans to test its entire population of 11 million for COVID-19.
  • South Korea’s head of National Institute of Health said that at least 102 coronavirus cases have been linked to a nightclub cluster that emerged in Seoul.
  • Parts of Spain have progressed to phase 1 of a plan to relax lockdown restrictions as the daily death toll fell to a seven-week low. Additionally, the country has implemented a 14-day mandatory quarantine for travelers arriving from overseas starting May 15.


  • Lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease around the world in accordance with the relative local levels of contagion and political pressure. Interfor recommends becoming well acquainted with national and local directives, and continues to urge the observance of social distancing measures where possible.
  • Companies seeking to develop a re-opening plan should survey their employees to get an understanding of the challenges they face: childcare, transportation, mental health, etc.
  • Cybercrime methods and tactics are proliferating. When in doubt about a suspicious communication, always verify first.
  • Wearing masks lowers the risk of spread to others. Wear a mask.

WARNING:  Be sure to vet ALL information (including this update). Rumors and misinformation abound, the results of which can be as dangerous as the contagion itself. 

Outside of the spread of the virus itself, Interfor continues to monitor for evidence of systemic breakdowns which will adversely affect security and safety.