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Interfor International – Covid-19 Update – December 1

Interfor’s Covid-19 Updates – December 1

Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 63,359,632 (13,546,638 in United States)

Total Deaths: 1,470,769(268,103 in United States) 


United States

  • A record 96,039 people in the United States are currently hospitalized with Covid-19. This is the third straight day of new record numbers. The states with the most hospitalizations are Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
  • CDC advisers have scheduled an emergency meeting today to recommend who should be the first to get coronavirus vaccines once one is authorized.
  • Georgia’s governor has extended the state’s health emergency and Covid-19 restrictions for another 15 days until December 15th.
  • New York State will begin using hospitalizations as a main metric to determine cluster zones and closures across the state in addition to increased testing, working toward vaccine distributions, keeping schools open safely, and keeping the 10-person limit on private gatherings.
  • As Rhode Island hospitals reach capacity due to Covid-19, the state has assembled two field hospitals; one began receiving patients on Monday.
  • Alaska announced a new stay-at-home order for its largest city, Anchorage, in effect until January 1. Restaurants and bars must shut down indoor dining, indoor gatherings are limited to six people and gym capacity is reduced to 25%.


  • The Dutch government is mandating the use of face masks in all publicly accessible, covered places starting today. Those not adhering to the mandate face a possible 95 euro fine.
  • The European Commission has signed a Covid-19 vaccine contract with German biopharmaceutical company CureVac, and its fifth vaccine contract to date.
  • Italy has approved a stimulus package worth €8 billion (about $9.6 billion) to support the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Additionally, the package delays tax deadlines for businesses in regions under the most severe Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Venezuela suspended strict nationwide quarantine measures and lifted curfews imposed on towns along its borders with Colombia and Brazil for economic and social activities during the month of December. Masks, social distancing and mandatory quarantine for those entering the country will remain.
  • Austria launched a mass testing program for its 9 million citizens to trace the spread of Covid-19 and avoid further lockdowns.
  • Indonesia reported its highest single-day increase in Covid-19 infections with 6,267 new cases.


WARNING:  Be sure to vet ALL information and rumors.