Interfor International - COVID-19 Daily Update - Feb 2-midsize

Interfor International – Covid-19 Update – February 2nd

Interfor’s Covid-19 Updates – February 2nd, 2021

Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 103,500,950 (26,322,365 in United States)

Total Deaths: 2,240,771 (443,613 in United States) 


United States

  • According to the CDC, more than 32 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in the United States.
  • The Biden administration has made a $231 million deal with an Australian company to boost availability of the first at-home Covid-19 rapid test. The test, made by Ellume, can send results to a smartphone within 15 minutes of receiving a sample.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said New York state positivity rate is 4.8%, which is the 24th straight day of decline. He added that the state has vaccinated approximately 1.69 million residents and is currently waiting for more supplies from the federal government.
  • Arizona has opened its second state-run Covid-19 vaccination site at Arizona State University’s Phoenix Municipal Stadium. Although the stadium has the capacity to vaccinate 10,000 to 12,000 people a day, due to low supply, officials expect to vaccinate just 500 people daily. 
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci said that there is “a very high rate” of re-infection even for those who have been previously infected with Covid-19. 


  • Door-to-door coronavirus testing is being rolled out in eight parts of England to stem the outbreak of a more contagious variant discovered in South Africa. Everyone over the age of 16 will be tested even if they are asymptomatic. Any positive cases will be sequenced to find out if the person has the variant.
  • Japan plans to extend its state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka and eight other prefectures until March 7 as the country continues to battle rising Covid-19 cases.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said everyone in the country would be offered a coronavirus vaccine by September 21. 
  • Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is 91.6% effective against symptomatic Covid-19 and 100% effective for preventing severe illness, according to an interim analysis of Phase 3 trial data published in the medical journal “The Lancet.”
  • Chinese police departments in Jiangsu, Beijing and Shandong have arrested more than 80 suspected members of a criminal group that was producing and selling fake Covid-19 vaccine doses, including to other countries.


  • In light of the new Covid-19 strain thought to be considerably more contagious, all non-essential travel should be reconsidered. 
  • Wear a mask. There is no downside and projected deaths in the United States are considerably lower if the populace wears masks, according to several studies. 
  • You can download Interfor’s return to work guidelines here. 

WARNING:  Be sure to vet ALL information and rumors.