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Interfor International – Covid-19 Update – February 9

Interfor’s Covid-19 Updates February 9, 2021

Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 106,567,454 (27,098,367in United States)

Total Deaths: 2,327,726 (465,083 in United States) 


United States

  • President Joe Biden’s effort to create one hundred mass vaccination sites nationwide in 100 days is underway, with California and Maryland announcing new openings of several such sites. The sites will be supported by the military with the goal of dispensing 450,000 vaccinations a day nationwide.
  • Approximately 42.4 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in the US, according to data published by the CDC.
  • The Biden administration is considering the requirement of negative Covid-19 test results for domestic air travel, according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said indoor dining in New York City can reopen at 25% capacity beginning this Friday
  • Texas Congressman Ron Wright has died after he was hospitalized with Covid-19. He is the first sitting member of congress to die from the virus.
  • Ohio’s daily Covid-19 case count has dropped below 2,000 for the first time since October. The Governor has signaled that the end of the statewide curfew might be in sight.


  • All travelers entering the UK will be required to take two Covid-19 tests while quarantining in an attempt to prevent new variants from entering the country.
  • South African health officials have paused the country’s rollout of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine after a study showed it offered reduced protection from the Covid-19 variant first identified there.
  • The South Korean capital of Seoul will start testing pet dogs and cats for Covid-19 if their owners test positive and the animals themselves are symptomatic, according to the city’s top health official.
  • Italy imposed localized “red zones” across the country after the new variants were identified in them. Red zone restrictions prohibit people from leaving their homes except for work or health reasons and will be in place until February 21.
  • Austria has lifted its stay-at-home order and moved the national curfew from 2pm to 8pm. Schools, shops and museums can open under tight measures, while restaurants remain closed.


  • In light of the multiple new Covid-19 variants proven to be considerably more contagious, all non-essential travel should be reconsidered. 
  • Wear a mask. There is no downside and projected deaths in the United States are considerably lower if the populace wears masks, according to several studies. 
  • You can download Interfor’s return to work guidelines here. 

WARNING:  Be sure to vet ALL information and rumors.