Interfor International - COVID19 Daily Update - April 1

Interfor International – COVID19 Daily Update – April 1

Interfor’s Critical Covid19 Updates – April 1, 2020

Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 876,855 (188,647 in United States)

Total Deaths: 43,534 (4,059 in United States)

Total Recovered: 184,965


  • The White House now predicts 100,000-240,000 deaths from coronavirus, even with current mitigation programs underway.
  • The United Nations now classifies this epidemic as the worst crisis the world has faced since 1945.
  • A new estimate from economists at the St. Louis Fed project total COVID-19 Crisis employment reductions at 47 million people in the United States. That would translate into a 32.1% unemployment rate. To give some perspective that is significantly higher than the peak unemployment during the Great Depression (24.9%) and wildly higher than anything seen during the Great Recession (10%).
  • The director of the CDC warned that as many as 25% of people infected with coronavirus may not show symptoms.
  • Spain surpasses 100,000 cases, with 800 deaths per day for the past several days.
  • US Federal prisons order a lockdown of its facilities to curb coronavirus spread. Inmates will be secured in their cells for 14 days across all institutions.
  • Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti encourages residents to report non-essential businesses violating the stay-at-home order.
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin is now practicing social distancing after a doctor he met with last week tested positive for coronavirus.
  • As NYC’s death toll surpasses 1000, the NYPD commissioner said that approximately 15% of the NYPD uniformed workforce is out sick.
  • According to the New York Fire Department, 911 calls in New York City have hit new records with 50% or more than the normal call volume each day.
  • As coronavirus spreads aboard the cruise ship MS Zaandam, its passengers are begging Florida officials to allow them to dock after being rejected by Chile, Peru and Argentina.
  • While the rest of Europe imposes severe restrictions on public life, Sweden takes a more liberal approach and decides not to impose a lockdown. The nation will leave it up to its citizens to act responsibly and decide whether to stay home or not.


Scams related to the imminent bailout checks for individuals are already being detected in the form of fraudulent websites and phone calls. Interfor recommends companies educate their workforce on how to detect these scams so they and their loved ones can avoid further hardship.

Security companies are generally exempt from lockdown mandates. For companies with vacant real-estate (stand-alone, not a tenant of an office complex) Interfor recommends maintaining a small security presence as a deterrent. The threat of opportunistic crime continues to rise daily.

FBI warns video conference users to watch out for “Zoom-bombing”, where hijackers disrupt sessions with profanity, hate and inappropriate content. Interfor recommends utilizing unique passwords for each session.

WARNING: Be sure to vet ALL information (including this update). Rumors and misinformation abound, the results of which can be as dangerous as the contagion itself. Be sure to verify the sources of purported medical tips.

Outside of the spread of the virus itself, Interfor continues to monitor for evidence of systemic breakdowns which will adversely affect security and safety.


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