Interfor International COVID19 Daily Update - March 19

Interfor International COVID19 Daily Update – March 19

Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 226,756 (9,179 in United States)

Total Deaths: 9,271 (154 in United States)

Total Recovered: 85,268

Noteworthy developments:

  • The White House signs into law an emergency coronavirus relief bill
  • UK to withdraw half of its troops from Iraq due to the pandemic
  • The European Central Bank announces a 750 Billion euro emergency plan
  • United States car manufacturers explore repurposing their factories to manufacture ventilators
  • Trump invokes War Production Act, stating that he is now a “wartime president.”
  • High rate of infection amongst young adults raises alarm as sense of complacency among younger generations in Europe and the United States has led to reckless disregard of immunity precautions.
  • The world health organization is asking countries in Southeast Asia to take “aggressive measures” and scale up all efforts to prevent the virus from spreading
  • The governor of Washington state signed an emergency aid bill drawing $200 million from the state’s emergency “rainy day” fund as number of cases in the state passes 1,000
  • The first US congress member to test positive for coronavirus is Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL). More have reported since
  • After a drop in new cases COVID-19 begins to spread anew in South Korea. New clusters have appeared.
  • UK announces closure of schools beginning this Friday.
  • True to form, Russian efforts to sow disinformation and discord over the contagion in the United States are detected
  • Russia records its first death from coronavirus. They are likely underreporting numbers.
  • 10 detainees killed in Venezuela after escaping prison. They escaped after becoming angry that visiting hours were suspended.
  • NY Times reports story of a New Jersey family which suffered seven infections and three deaths in the past week
  • China reports no new infections in the Wuhan district for the first time since the outbreak was recorded
  • Cruise ship docks in France with more than 200 Americans on board after it was barred from docking in the Canary Island as three passengers diagnosed with COVID-19 left earlier in the trip.
  • Between 400 and 500 people from countries around the world are stranded in Panama after a festival and music event ended with many of them being quarantined at the concert site.
  • London closes 40 underground stations as mayor says the outbreak is the biggest crisis the city had faced “since the Second World War,” with 41 deaths in London so far.

WARNING: Rumors and disinformation abound. Be sure to vet ALL information (including this update). If you receive a text quoting a friend of a friend who works in XYZ ministry warning of imminent martial law, this is a hoax.

This Washington Post article is a useful visual tool for understanding how as a society we can “flatten the curve.”

Outside of the spread of the virus itself, Interfor continues to monitor for evidence of systemic breakdowns which will adversely affect security and safety.

Official resources:

CDC Symptoms page

Live updates from the Washington Post

For additional resources and guidance, the Interfor team is here to help.