Interfor International COVID19 Daily Update - March 20

Interfor’s Critical Covid19 Updates – March 20, 2020

Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 253,796 (14,366 in United States)

Total Deaths: 10,406 (217 in United States)

Total Recovered: 89,062

Noteworthy developments:

  • California issued a stay at home order which took effect Thursday night. The state’s 40 million residents were asked to leave their homes only when necessary. The order will remain in place until further notice.
  • As of 8pm this evening New York State has ordered all personal care businesses (hair salons, nail salons, etc.) to close.
  • With 3,400 deaths, Italy has now surpassed China in number of COVID-19 fatalities. The high rate is partially attributed to Italy’s larger than average elderly population.
  • All Americans traveling abroad urged to return home while still possible.
  • Spain reports nearly 20,000 infections, with 1000 fatalities. This number is expected to rise substantially.
  • Unemployment claims in the United States skyrocket, with Goldman Sachs projected 2 million new claims in just one week.
  • The US Air Force’s National Guard has transported 500,000 nasopharyngeal swabs for coronavirus tests from Italy to Memphis, Tenn., Pentagon officials said.
  • Germany pledges $600 billion euros to assist individuals and businesses. The country is experiencing a high infection rate yet very low mortality rate (to date). This is attributed to aggressive actions taken by the federal government.
  • The Trump administration offered large sums of money to CureVac to relocate their vaccine research to the United States on the condition that any vaccine developed would only be used to help Americans.
  • Romania to penalize individuals who cause a COVID-19 death due the flouting of health and containment guidelines with up to 15 years in prison.
  • Several US Senators apparently sold off substantial stock holdings after receiving classified briefings as to the severity of the impending contagion at a time when they were publicly extolling the nation’s preparedness to contain the virus.
  • A man has been arrested on the Isle of Man for failing to comply with the new rules of self-isolation, first such arrest in the British Isles.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Americans will likely have to continue staying at home and practice social distancing for “at least several weeks.”
  • Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto announced he is going to self-quarantine for 14 days after coming into contact with at least two people in Washington, D.C. who have tested positive for coronavirus.

WARNING: Rumors and disinformation abound. Be sure to vet ALL information (including this update). If you receive a text quoting a friend of a friend who works in XYZ ministry warning of imminent martial law, this is likely a hoax.

Outside of the spread of the virus itself, Interfor continues to monitor for evidence of systemic breakdowns which will adversely affect security and safety.

Official resources:

CDC Symptoms page

Live updates from the Washington Post

For additional resources and guidance, the Interfor team is here to help.