Interfor International - Weekly Security Matters Digest - June 21

Interfor International – Weekly Security & Covid Digest – June 21, 2022

Interfor’s Weekly Security & Covid Digest – June 21, 2022

Global Security Matters

  • Pentagon officials revealed their analysis that Russia is likely to end up with more Ukrainian territory as a result of its invasion, but that neither side will gain full control of the supposed breakaway regions as the beleaguered Russian military has been thwarted by a Ukrainian military flush with the latest weaponry supplied by global allies.
  • The Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) was designated a terrorist organization by the United States. The organization raises money and facilitates training for separatist guerrillas in Eastern Ukraine.
  • The United States Department of Justice announced that together with international law enforcement partners in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands it had disrupted a major botnet operated by Russian cybercriminals that hijacked millions of computers, phones, and IoT devices.
  • The Taliban released 5 British men being held for “activities against traditions and laws,” in hopes of normalizing relations with the international community. One is a former journalist and the others worked in the security sector.

Covid-19 Updates

Total Deaths: 6,316,797 (1,009,982 in United States) 

At least one vaccine dose administered: 68% globally (United States: 79% of population)

  • The US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off on Covid-19 vaccinations for children under 5 , clearing the way for vaccinations to be administered.
  • Covid-19 infections are on the rise worldwide again. Globally, Taiwan has the highest average of new daily cases, followed by Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and Bahrain.
  • Even with infection rates surging across the US, hospitalization and death rates have not seen a substantial increase, due to vaccinations and natural immunity due to previous infections. Most individuals who test positive with home kits do not report their infections, so the rates in the United States are likely wildly underreported.
  • The WHO (World Health Organization) reports that Africa is intensifying Covid-19 vaccination of high-risk population groups, with promising signs. Nearly 50% of health workers and people over age 60 are fully vaccinated against the virus.
  • North Korea reported a new “epidemic” of an intestinal disease. It’s unclear how many people are infected in what the official Korean Central News Agency said was “an acute enteric epidemic” in southwestern Haeju city.