Weekly Security Digest - September 12, 2023

Interfor International‘s Weekly Security Digest – September 12, 2023

Interfor’s Weekly Digest | Global Security and Policy Insights – September 12, 2023

Global Security Matters

Natural Disasters

National Security

  • An incident has come to light involving the disruption of a Ukrainian naval drone attack by Elon Musk’s by Starlink in September 2022, in which operators were relying on the satellite communications technology to launch a surprise attack on Russian naval vessels off the coast of Crimea. Musk refused to allow Ukraine to use Starlink due to his belief that Russia would retaliate with a nuclear attack. Starlink use in the war has been facilitated by the Pentagon. The incident raises the question as to how much influence can be entrusted to one individual or company when it comes to national security and diplomatic interests.


  • China is recruiting U.S. Air Force service veterans and troops, warned Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles “C.Q.” Brown in a memo. The memo stated that “hundreds” of allies and service members could be targeted by China’s People’s Liberation Army for their military knowledge. An Air Force press release highlighted that this often occurs in the form of contracts or subcontracts that could “gradually pull them into covert activities that serve the interests of the Chinese government.” 

Cyber & Technology 


  • The FDA approved updated Covid-19 vaccines, making the newest shots available to most Americans. The CDC still has to sign off and is due to meet on Tuesday. Hospitalizations from Covid are on the rise but are lower than the same time last year.