Critical Covid19 Updates

Interfor’s Critical Covid19 Updates – March 18, 2020

Covid19 Updates: Latest numbers (as of 9am est):

Total Reported Cases: 203,995 (6,534 in United States)

Total Deaths: 8,141 (116 in United States)

Total Recovered: 82,450

Additional noteworthy developments:

  • US/Canada border closed to non-essential travel
  • San Francisco issues shelter-in-place mandate. New York City mulls similar measure, but the mayor is resistant to the idea. The determination will be made within the next 48 hours.
  • Number of diagnosed infections in New York City jumps to 1000+ cases. This is due to increased testing. Actual numbers are likely far higher.
  • US health officials announce that the emergency stockpile of medical supplies for this pandemic are not enough to cover the upcoming need.
  • Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, states that without proper relief unemployment levels in the United States could reach 20%.
  • Spain confirms 1890 new cases and 25 additional deaths. The country remains on lockdown.
  • Several US politicians call for relief in the form of universal basic income (UBI) for each American citizen over the next three months.
  • France requires all individuals to carry a document with them stating a reason for being outside, on penalty of an immediate 38 euro fine.
  • The waters of Venice turn clear, fish return as traffic of the canals ceases.
  • With West Virginia reporting its first case, coronavirus is now officially present in all 50 states.
  • Clinical trials for potential vaccines are taking place in several countries, including the United States, France, Germany, and Israel.
  • Several countries are fast-tracking the graduation of medical, dental, and nursing students. Many students are being pressed into service as health systems are already being pushed to the max.
  • Major companies are beginning to furlough and layoff workers.
  • 1500 prisoners in Sao Paulo escape. Under 200 recaptured so far.

WARNING: Rumors and disinformation abound. Be sure to vet ALL information (including this update). If you receive a text quoting a friend of a friend who works in XYZ ministry warning of imminent martial law, this is a hoax.

This Washington Post article is a useful visual tool for understanding how as a society we can “flatten the curve.”

Outside of the spread of the virus itself, Interfor continues to monitor for evidence of systemic breakdowns which will adversely affect security and safety.

Official resources:

CDC Symptoms page

For additional resources and guidance, the Interfor team is here to help.