Outsourced CSO program

Outsourced CSO Program

Interfor’s Outsourced CSO program brings physical, and Cyber Security leadership, industry experience, and a deep bench to one of the most important operational roles companies face: the Chief Security Officer (“CSO”). Mid to large-sized companies often struggle with a dedicated responsibility towards security. We help clients free themselves from the burden of an ‘all-in-one’ hire so they can devote more time to their core business. The outsourced CSO is an on-demand resource to senior management without the need to hire, train, and maintain an internal security director. By working with the business and understanding the overall goals of the organization, an entire security program can be designed, implemented for a fraction of the cost of an internal hire.

For existing yet under-resourced security managers, Interfor can serve as force-multiplier through this service.

The Outsourced CSO role provides access to a seasoned security professional for issues including risk mitigation, hiring or firing employees, executive risk exposure, developing security policies and procedures, due diligence, and comprehensive physical and IT security planning. We work with the C-suite to integrate into their growth vision an insightful, actionable, and measurable risk management plan that delivers results.

A companion offering, the Outsourced Security Operations Director, is designed for companies who already have a CSO or equivalent position. The primary mission of this program is to develop and implement security plans, including providing direction and guidance to outside agencies and the internal management team. We develop strategic security plans and long term strategies that are backed up by best practices that can facilitate aligning an entire organization that may have been missing the strength that a robust security program can deliver. The role of a Security Operations Director is critical within any security department.

Advantages of the Outsourced CSO Program:

  • Increased consistency and quality of management
  • Decreased employee-related expenses
  • Decreased training and HR expenses
  • Standardization of processes
  • Speedy delivery of service and information
  • Develop talent management and redeployment
  • Frees up other internal stakeholders (legal, HR, operations, etc.) to spend more time on core business
  • Improve ROI per employee
  • Potentially lower liability insurance rates

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