Companies and entities of all sizes, even some individuals, use a variety of tools to leverage digital channels, manage campaigns, brand success, and consumer sentiment to promote their services and value.

A subset of these entities are also monitoring digital conversations to identify threats (internal or external) and monitor negative sentiment (disgust, fear, anger, hate).

Look Out for These Five ChatGPT Security Risks in 2023

This proactive approach is especially important for entities and individuals who face threats in the course of their work and need to understand where those threats emanate from, their degree of severity, and what immediate steps should be taken to address the threats. The same can be said regarding negative sentiment.

Negative sentiment can be segmented into different emotions and into different levels of intensity. Negative sentiment may not be an immediate threat to the organization but might develop into something more dangerous if it falls under hate and high intensity.

Interfor International approaches the overwatch of security against physical, cyber, and reputational threats its clients face through a mix of artificial intelligence systems and human analysis, around the clock.

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