cyber warfare seminar at Dentons Rodyk Singapore

Dentons Rodyk and Interfor: Cyber Warfare and Corporate Fraud Seminar

Interfor International held a a joint Cyber Warfare Seminar with Dentons Rodyk in Singapore on June 29th. The seminar focused on Cyber Warfare and Corporate Fraud. 

“Cyber Warfare” against corporations and law firms has evolved greatly in the past few years.  In the past, typical attackers used to target companies with Denial of Service attacks and annoying malware or hostageware.  The goal was to disrupt a company’s digital systems.  However, over time, attacks have become much more nuanced and targeted.  For example, there has been a huge uptick in very subtle spoof attacks during which a network of thieves is able to social engineer their way into an organization.  They then either take over certain email addresses or create fake ones in an effort to convince C-suite officers to request or approve a wire into a bank account that has been compromised.  It is shocking how successful these campaigns have been.  Law firms have been targeted in a similar manner for their client information.

Behind every faceless malware, phishing and DoS attack stand actual perpetrators: Hackers, Hacktivists, Insiders, Disgruntled Employees or State Sponsored Hackers

Interfor has the expertise and resources to investigate a range of cybercrime activity, employing a range of investigative strategies to identify system vulnerabilities, intrusions and data ex-filtrations and to recommend means to reduce or eliminate exposure. Our digital forensics experts use computer forensic techniques coupled with traditional investigative methodology to track down people, activities or behavior in order to confirm the breach.Contact us if you would like us to hold a seminar at your firm.