Getting Employees on Board with Cybersecurity

Getting Employees on Board with Cybersecurity

Employing cybersecurity professionals is a necessity for companies today. With so many hackers and scams, efficient cybersecurity technology and oversight can save a company a lot of money in the long run.

While cybersecurity is essential for safety, professionals in the field often run into brick walls when dealing with fellow employees. This is because cybersecurity can sometimes slow down the workflow or restrict certain practices. While the goal is noble, employees do not like being slowed down and often find ways to sidestep the best cybersecurity practices. These habits end up putting companies at risk despite management’s best efforts to avoid it.

How Cybersecurity Professionals Can Create a Collaborative Workforce

For cybersecurity protocols to be effective, all employees need to follow them. The approach the cybersecurity team takes when dealing with other employees can make a difference whether or not they follow the protocols.

Here are three ways cybersecurity professionals can create collaboration within the workspace: 

1.              Adopt a “Can Do” Attitude

Cybersecurity professionals often find themselves acting as policemen of sorts, saying no to employees when they want to launch a project or have a new idea. But instead of saying ‘no’ to employee requests for fear of risk, they should try to say ‘yes’ and do everything possible to protect whatever action the employee wants to do.

2.             Encourage Partnership and Communication

Cybersecurity professionals should encourage a dynamic partnership and proactive communication with other employees. Employees may mutter under their breath about challenges they face, but if cybersecurity professionals encourage them to come forward and voice their issues, there is a better chance of solving them.

Cybersecurity professionals should also stress that effective cybersecurity requires the cooperation of the entire workforce, not just their department. They can make all company employees partners in their mission. After all, everyone wants the company to succeed, which means they’re all on the same team. 

Also, toward this end, the cybersecurity department should make it easy for employees to report potential security threats.

3.             Engage in Positive Reinforcement

Cybersecurity professionals should find ways to positively reinforce the desired outcome of cybersecurity best practices, like weekly contests, prizes, or simply public recognition of the good jobs individual employees are doing.

Cybersecurity is Crucial for the Success of Modern Businesses

The demand for cybersecurity talent is so high there is a serious lack of cybersecurity professionals globally since businesses know they are severely at risk without cyber protection.

 Over the past year, several serious data breaches have occurred, including:

●     The Texas Department of Insurance: The breach compromised the personal information of 1.8 million Texans

●     Block (formerly Square): The Block Cash App was breached by a former employee, who leaked customer names and personal information

●     Microsoft: Even the tech giant Microsoft was breached in March 

These instances are just a drop in the bucket. The past few years have seen many major data breaches. The only way companies can combat them is with a pristine cybersecurity department.

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