fraud investigations seminar at Mayer Brown JSM

Insider Lessons on Global Insurance Fraud Investigations and Asset Recovery

Interfor International held a a joint Insurance Seminar with Mayer Brown JSM in Hong Kong on June 27th. The seminar focused on Global Insurance Fraud Investigations and Asset Recovery.

As insurance-related transactions become more complex and multi-jurisdictional, disputes involving cross-border elements arise. Any insurance fraud investigation and asset recovery strategy or plan therefore needs to consider global perspectives. Cyber-threats add even more challenges. 

TL Lim, Partner from Mayer Brown JSM and seasoned expert investigators Juval Aviv and Benjamin Kunde from Interfor, covered:• Trends in Insurance and Corporate Fraud• Inside stories from the investigation field• Offshore Account Investigations• Due Diligence, litigation support and fraud prevention• Strategies for global asset recovery and dynamic investigations across multiple jurisdictions Contact us if you would like us to hold a seminar at your firm.