Threats in the digital ecosystem

Threats in the digital ecosystem

As we have covered in articles over the past year, there is no lack of threats in the digital ecosystem. You are currently more at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime than a physical assault. Despite all the noise in the digital space, we are at nascent stages of the Internet and surrounding social networks. As the need for monitoring potential threats increases, Interfor has adapted. As organizations have leveraged data sets to understand and improve business, we have adopted that approach to track threats and negative sentiment to preemptively confront malicious acts. We proudly present our newly upgraded Threat Intelligence and Monitoring program – and why you need it.

The Threat

The threat starts somewhere, often on social media platforms where hate speech and negative sentiment thrive. For those touching on political issues or with a public profile, this threat becomes more pronounced. As we become more interconnected and social media platforms become increasingly pervasive, the reach of dubious individuals with access to us increases. Warning signs are often obvious, but we can only hope that future attacks such as the mosque attacks in New Zealand or the shooting at YouTube headquarters can be stopped before the shooter goes live. If an attacker or malign actor is on the radar early, there’s a better chance of neutralizing or mitigating the impact.

How we think about the threats

Daily news reports of breaches and hacks dominate the news cycle with even well-protected organizations falling victim. Many attacks could have been avoided if steps had been taken in advance for protection – vigilance is key. Organizations, whether non-profits, political organizations, high profile companies, or financial institutions, need to track and monitor threats online before danger materializes. The temptation to use in-house resources is often not enough. Facing this three-dimensional playing field, organizations should consider an outside expert to tackle this threat head on.

How we face the threats

Interfor approaches threat monitoring in a comprehensive and holistic manner in which no stone is left unturned. Our three-pronged approach tracks online threats; monitors and analyzes data; and reports findings. We approach every process methodically and break it down further. Examples include monitoring social media, open source monitoring of legal threats, and monitoring specific groups with malevolent intent. To analyze data, we research and double-check for false positives, as well as maintain ties with local partners when needed. Finally, we present our analysis, trends, and possible points of vulnerabilities. This process is customized for every client.

The Interfor Method

An abundance of threats requires multiple tools for monitoring and prevention. Interfor uses analytic and open-source monitoring tools in real time, particularly those focused on social media platforms and the Dark Web. We work with the global intelligence community and leverage over 2,000 databases. We use software tools that measure patterns around conversations which may pose threats and cut through to hear the signal through the noise. When identified, our team initiates threat assessment, analysis, security consultation, and expertise to understand it. We also establish both permanent and temporary geo-fencing to safeguard corporate HQ’s, VIP residences, and foreign travel. The Interfor Method requires thinking like the enemy and is incorporated into the program’s baseline methodology – when we think like the enemy, we anticipate their moves and can preempt them.

It is 2019 and the world faces growing threats. Interfor can help counter them as your organization becomes completely digital. We are Interfor, and we are here to protect you with our newly upgraded Threat Intelligence and Monitoring program.