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Interfor International’s Strategic Intelligence Services

The world feels smaller than ever today. Not only due to international flights and travel, but technology has made it incredibly easy to communicate with people in other cities, countries, and continents. The combination has created a reality in which, when something happens in one place, we feel the effects in other places (or in the entire world, as we experienced during COVID-19).

In the business world, global accessibility means that an up-and-coming competitor in one location can threaten to dethrone a legacy superpower in another part of the world. Strategic intelligence is crucial for companies that want to maintain their status as market leaders or those that wish to enter new markets.

What is Strategic Intelligence?

Strategic intelligence, as performed by Interfor International, offers clients deep insights into global business trends and critical intelligence on risks and opportunities. This information helps them maintain their competitive edge and drive continued growth. We have a vast network of global contacts and a highly experienced team of analytical experts.

Our  strategic intelligence expertise falls into three categories:

●     Geopolitical and Economic Analysis

●     Market Entry Support

●     Competitive Intelligence

Below we will elaborate on what we offer in each of these areas.

Geopolitical and Economic Analysis

This subset of strategic intelligence helps our clients understand political and economic dynamics in regions all over the world. The overarching goal is to help our clients figure out how to best position themselves in light of these political and economic climates.

Examples of this type of analysis include:

●     Advising investors on the new administration in a foreign country, and how it will impact global commodity markets

●     Analyzing the potential of a given country or region’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on the key interests of our clients

●     Evaluating the pace of political and economic reforms in high-risk, growing markets in the Middle East for US investors  

Market Entry Support

Clients who are considering investing in or entering new markets can gain a trove of insights from our Market Entry Support.

Our investigations include:

●     Identifying and performing due diligence on potential partners

●     Regulatory mapping to help clients understand the regulations in their potential new market and make sure they adhere to them, including FCPA (The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)

●     Targeted risk analysis for insights into political and economic dynamics related to specific industries that have the potential to impact a client’s foray into that market

Competitive Intelligence

As we said above, when something happens in one location in the world, the effects are felt in other places. Our Competitive Intelligence provides companies with insight into their competitors’ strategic plans in high-stake markets around the world.

This includes:

●     Mapping the competitive landscape for new markets and products

●     Providing deep analysis of global competitors and investigating specific issues with certain competitors

●     Investigating allegations of corruption or other improper behavior among potential competitors and/or partners

About Interfor International

Interfor’s strategic intelligence services are part of a broader range of offerings that include global investigations and security consulting. We regularly work with clients in legal, corporate, financial, and government organizations. Our staff consists of highly skilled investigators and fraud examiners, most of whom are veterans of international intelligence agencies. All of our work is supported by sophisticated technology. Interfor is a fully licensed company and operates in North and South America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia.