high profile individuals

Personal Security Tips for High Profile Individuals

Extortion, bribery, kidnapping, identity theft, public exposure—these are, unfortunately, some of the by-products of fame and fortune in today’s society. Many people believe that they live quiet, unobtrusive lives, without ostentation or notoriety, that would not subject them to these types of situations–but it is your very standing, occupation, associations and lifestyle that puts you at risk.

Following the security tips below will improve your security posture.

1.When hiring someone to work in your home it is of utmost importance that you do a thorough background check on them.

2.Many people today conduct business and personal financial transactions from a wide variety of locations and an ever expanding array of electronic devices. In the past, IT security was a concern primarily at the office. Now that zone of protection needs to include home computers,laptops,mobile phones and PDA’s. Millions of dollars have been lost because of confidential business and personal information stolen from unsecured electronic and computer devices.

3.Waste disposal is also a big IT security and identity theft issue. Hard drives are often not properly wiped and financial and personal documents are not shredded before being thrown out.

4.High-wealth individuals, especially those with a public profile,often find that they have more complex physical security issues than the average person. It is important though,that you have a fully integrated, easy-to-use security plan that actually works for your household

5.Create an emergency plan for your family. A list of emergency phone numbers including family, doctors, police, poison control centers and neighbors should be kept in an easily accessible place in your home, such as the front of a refrigerator or a bulletin board and on a card in your wallet. 

6.For people who travel frequently,being financially successful or having a public profile puts them at higher risks for robbery and kidnapping.The most important thing to remember when traveling is to plan ahead.

7.Create digital copies of all of your important documents, such as: wills, financial records, insurance policies, passports and deeds. Store the copies somewhere outside of your immediate geographic area,such as with a family member, attorney or in a safe deposit box.