Workplace 2019 Critical Communications Webinar

Workplace Emergency Planning Efforts Focus Too Much on Fire Drills

Industry data tells us that fatal work injuries involving violence have increased by 23% from 2015-2016, but fatal injuries by fire decreased by 28% over the same period. So why did 57% of survey respondents report that non-fire emergency plans have rarely or never been tested?

Don Aviv explains that an overreliance on fire drills is dangerous as workplaces might not be prepared for more harmful – and unfortunately much more likely – workplace emergencies. In order to properly prepare for potentially fatal workplace emergencies, Don says you must start with an assessment of your facility. What are your potential risks? Are those risks internal or external? Be realistic in the probability of a potential risk becoming a reality – use industry data rather than news media to help you with this.

Our tips for 2019? Focus on awareness and training. There is no one size fits all solution, but frequent communication with your employees can help significantly decrease the potential impact of these emergencies. Be proactive in this communication – show employees you are thinking about their safety and working to improve emergency protocols.